Making and fixing with your own hands.
We would be happy if many people could experience the fun and urushiunique texture and sheen.


An authentic Kintsugiset that makes it easy to get started at home. The set contains all the necessary tools, including natural urushiand pure gold powder, for safe storage. The set comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a password-access video commentary, making it easy for beginners to experience the process.

Fuki-Urushi Kit

Wiping urushiis the simplest urushigei technique, which involves repeatedly 'rubbing in' raw urushi(sap from urushiwood) onto wooden objects such as chopsticks and bowls, then 'wiping up' them to make them glossy. It is one of the easiest urushiways to use it, regardless of lifestyle or occasion, as it matches everyday dining tables and modern home specifications. It is also possible to enjoy the process of change with wiping urushi. Watch the video explanation and try My Wipe urushichopsticks and bowls first.

  • Once you get the hang of it, you can order bowls, plates, lunch boxes and more from the various "wood and ground ', you can order bowls, plates and lunch boxes to make a variety of wipe urushitableware.
  • Wipes at urushiExplanatory page See also.

Urushi no ippo KIT

In 2016, we launched the " Urushi no Ippo" project with the hope that many people outside of the craft circle would learn about urushi. In 2022, a new kit was created to spread this idea overseas as well. The kits are designed so that as many people as possible can experience the joy and tradition of Japanese craftsmanship. There is also an instructional video with English subtitles so that even first-time users can use the kit with ease.