A clean planet
For our children
Urushi taught us
To think about the future

Urushi and culture are both alive.
If we only try to protect
the techniques spun by human hands &
the values we hold in our hearts
they will not have a future.
By connecting with people and with nature
We can regain what we have lost while creating something new.
With urushi, we can cultivate a bright future.
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Cheap mass production and disposable products are commonplace today.
But the more convenient it becomes, the more I feel that the earth is being damaged.
Traditional crafts, materials and tools are disappearing.
Depopulation of rural areas due to urban concentration and fading local communities.
Various social problems are becoming more serious in proportion to the destruction of the environment.
What can we do now?
urushiis the sap of the trees at urushi. Sustainable natural materials.
Gentle and pleasant to the touch, yet strong and robust.
This diversity combines contradictory qualities.
By incorporating urushi into our daily lives, we can
nurture a "sense of care and gratitude for things" and
learn the "importance of using and passing things on from generation to generation".
If these values spread, we will be able to leave a clean and sustainable planet to our children.
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Our activities to preserve urushi for future generations started from a sense of despair.
Through these encounters we have made many valuable connections with people and things.
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Urushi X ∞

Urushi can be applied not only to wooden products, but also to other familiar materials around us. urushiThe exhibition introduces new expressions and values that can be created by combining wood and different materials, bringing "you" and urushicloser together.

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Research on Urushi

Urushi still has much untapped potential as a material. We are exploring the possibilities in collaboration with research institutes, universities and companies.

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Und. shopfront, night. Inside wooden shelves are lined with urushi related products


Asakichi Tsutsumi urushistore has opened a new store as a base to connect nature and people's lives under the slogan "& Nature". We are creating a place where nature, culture and people are organically connected centering on crafts.

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