From the mountains to the sea. From nature to human hands. From us to the next generation. We are supposed to be connected, but in modern society we often feel isolated. FROM TO is an initiative to reconnect the various disparate "FROM"s and "TO"s in new ways.

The first project started as 'From surfing to traditional crafts.’ We have held a series of screenings and workshops in various parts of Japan and abroad. We feel this is just the start of various "From"s and "To"s being born and it gives us hope

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Examples of activities

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What we value.

When we take FROM TO to a region we spend as much time as possible before and after the event hanging out, meeting with people, and learning about the nature and crafts of that place. We go into the sea, walk in the forest, talk to people and make things together. Each encounter opens the door to other possibilities and encounters.
In the process, we hope to find a variety of "FROM"s and "TO"s.

No Waste

We try not to produce waste so as not to pollute nature. Posters announcing events are printed on cloth instead of paper and made into bags and aprons after the event. We ask people to make plates for meals out of bread. With the help of the makers, we try to find ways to do things that pollute the earth as little as possible.

The documentary film

The short film OCEANTREE ~ The Journey Of Essence ~ Episode.2 in Kyoto was produced by Kenta Ishikawa and Takaya Yagami, who we met through our activities. The wooden surfboard 'Alaia', which dates back to origin of surfing, was made from cedar wood from the mountains in the Keihoku area of Kyoto. The surfaces were coated with urushi after which we brought it to the Sea of Japan. This project shows through connecting surfing and crafts how we might think about sustainable living in harmony with nature.

The Urushi Surf Project, which connects mountains, towns and the sea, was launched.

In order to connect the spirit of coexistence with and appreciation of nature to the next generation, as a new initiative, we will produce custom-made urushipainted surfboards from trees grown in the mountains with craftspeople we have met during our past activities. We want many people to be able to experience the natural craftsmanship that we love and feel the importance and interest of nature, which we had been trying to get away from. And we will continue to create waves of hope for the future.

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